Action - What you can do

Here is a complete listing of Aldermen  Contact information and an email string for the Board of Aldermen.
More individual Committee assignment information can be found on the city website at  Check it out and get to know your aldermen!


Scott Lennon,       Ward 1 Ward Alderman,     617-584-5723,
Carleton Merrill,   Ward 1 Alderman at Large, 617-244-2421, (no email)
Allan Ciccone, Jr., Ward 1 Alderman at Large, 617-965-2690,
Stephen Linsky,     Ward 2 Ward Alderman,     617-796-1701,
Marcia Johnson,     Ward 2 Alderman at Large, 617-965-4920,
Susan Albright,      Ward 2 Alderman at Large, 617-527-7108,
Anthony Salvucci,   Ward 3 Ward Alderman,     617-244-2509,
Ted Hess-Mahan,     Ward 3 Alderman at Large, 617-795-7220,
Greer Tan Swiston,  Ward 3 Alderman at Large, 617-308-7906,
Jay Harney,         Ward 4 Ward Alderman,     617-332-4283,
Leonard Gentile,    Ward 4 Alderman at Large, 617-527-5446,
Amy Mah Sangiolo,   Ward 4 Alderman at Large, 617-969-0677,
William Brandel,    Ward 5 Ward Alderman,     617-332-0719,
Paul Coletti,       Ward 5 Alderman at Large, 617-965-3654,
Brian Yates,        Ward 5 Alderman at Large, 617-244-2601,
George Mansfield,   Ward 6 Ward Alderman,     617-969-1479,
Victoria Danberg,   Ward 6 Alderman at Large, 617-969-1756,
Kenneth Parker,     Ward 6 Alderman at Large, 617-965-3723,
Lisle Baker,        Ward 7 Ward Alderman,     617-566-3848,
Sydra Schnipper,    Ward 7 Alderman at Large, 617-965-2331,
Verne Vance,        Ward 7 Alderman at Large, 617-232-5494,
Cheryl Lappin,      Ward 8 Ward Alderman,     617-796-1723,
Mitch Fischman,     Ward 8 Alderman at Large, 617-964-2848,
John Freedman,      Ward 8 Alderman at Large, 617-243-9509,

If you want to send email to all the aldermen, cut and paste the following string:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,