Important Meeting to Consider 230 Lake Ave.

Posted on Wednesday 19 September 2007

The Community Preservation Committee will be discussing the proposal for the City to purchase 230 Lake Ave. at their next Public Meeting.
The purchase is contingent upon CPC participation and Aldermen approvals.
This ‘vision’ for completing the Cove Park will allow for the preservation of the waterfront landscape and possible reuse of the home located there (-something that can not be assured if it is sold to a private party.) Obviously- the greatest benefit is the addition of this beautiful waterfront Park land space for the passive recreation for all of Newton’s citizens.

THE CPC WILL NEED TO SEE YOUR SUPPORT for this proposition with your attendance at this Meeting:

7 pm, Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Room 209, City Hall

In addition- or… If you truly can’t (or aren’t sure that you can) attend this meeting
send an email letter directly to:

The Community Preservation Committee via:

Copy it to your local Alderman and:

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Opportunity to complete the Cove Park!

Posted on Tuesday 4 September 2007

Mayor Cohen has entered the City into an agreement with the owner of 230 Lake Street that would allow Newton to purchase the sole remaining property between the Cove Park and the new Open Space at the swimming area. The Owner had her property for sale this summer. With the encouragement and support of Ward 6 Aldermen- an appraisal and negotiations were begun leading to the current opportunity.
Still, this purchase is contingent upon CPC participation and Aldermen approvals. This ‘vision’ for completing the Park may allow for the preservation and reuse of the home located there; (something that could not be assured by a private purchase.) And -obviously- the greatest benefit is the addition of this beautiful waterfront Park land space and passive recreation for all of Newton’s citizens.

The CPC will need to see support for this proposition when they consider it at their Sept. 11 and/or Sept. 26 meetings.
and feel free to communicate your support to the Mayor and Aldermen now.

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The new Open Space area

Posted on Friday 15 June 2007

Still in Progress, but a lot better, I think.

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City Crew Hard working to make a Better Lake

Posted on Friday 15 June 2007

The City crew is hard at work preparing the property to make the lakefront more habitable.

I think they deserve a big hand:

Costanzo Bacciari
Elio Panza
Al Martini
Al Secinaro
Fred Pignatelli
Dennis Panza

“Complete the Cove” opportunity!

Posted on Thursday 7 June 2007

Now that the City has acquired 20 Rogers, and brought ‘stability’ to the cove- the owner of 230 Lake Ave. has decided to sell her property. This is the Spanish style home and property that is now between the existing cove Park land and the new property and presumed Park space behind the beach. The owner has previously expressed her support for the 20 Rogers acquisition; was very involved in the landscape restoration project at the Cove; and was interested in the prospect of her property one day forming a completion to the Cove park.

It’s unclear what the disposition of the City will be to the availability of another waterfront site, but it certainly should be considered as a natural way to ‘bridge’ the gap between the two public parcels and complete the cove park at Crystal Lake!
Let the Mayor and Aldermen know your thoughts about this Prospect.

Official consideration of this opportunity has been initiated by Alderman Parker, who asked the Community Preservation Committee -at their Wednesday, May 31 meeting- to appropriate sufficient funds from their administrative account to conduct an appraisal of 230 Lake Ave. The Community Preservation Committee unanimously approved this request.

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Lake Improvements in progress-(wall reduced)

Posted on Thursday 7 June 2007

Just in case you haven’t noticed: The 20 Rogers property has been secured and the stone wall along the water has already had repair work done- much of it in the form of a reduction in the height of the wall- which makes the waterfront area much more user friendly and allows more sun to reach the swimming area.
Some trees were removed to make the work possible, but enough have remained to provide shade and visual privacy from adjacent properties.
The wall will be left at the lowered height; Which is great- given how nicely the left beach is has been ‘liberated’ from that oppressive edifice.

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Aldermen Approve !!!

Posted on Monday 7 May 2007

Tonight the Aldermen approved the eminent domain purchase of 20 Rogers Street, with an emergency preamble that will allow the taking to be filed and validated this week.
The City will then be able to begin repairs to the wall and other measures to assess the property conditions and secure it for public use. (…from now on!!!)
Thanks to everyone that called, wrote, signed, spoke, and shared in this effort!

Of-course, this only begins another process to plan for a much better place for us all to share in the enjoyment of Crystal Lake.
So this site will probably remain active for future events and information.

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IRS Clears the way for Approval

Posted on Friday 4 May 2007

The Mayor has just reported that the City has received the long awaited letter from the IRS that releases the City from Federal tax liens on the property at 20 Rogers Street. This clears the way for the Aldermen to approve the Land taking at next Monday evening’s Board Meeting.
Within days, papers shall be filed with the Commonwealth for the City to obtain Title to the property!!!

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Newton Aldermen Meet Tonight

Posted on Tuesday 17 April 2007

This evening – the Full Board of Aldermen should be voting on the CPA
purchase of 20 Rogers Street. You can still demonstrate your support
and appreciation for this proposition by sending them a brief email;
calling; and /or attend the session to prove your desire to get this done now!

The Meeting begins at 7:45 PM

2006-2007 Board of Aldermen link:

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Finance Committee says yes!

Posted on Monday 9 April 2007

The 20 Rogers Street/Crystal Lake acquisition was approved by the Finance Committee. It’s recommendation shall be sent on to the full Board for its’ April 17 session. Some concern was expressed for the future costs associated with making the acquisition serve the community as intended; and that this CPA project does not yet include some public ‘participation'; but that will be our task for the next phase.
Mayor Cohen again personally presented and attended the entire session.
A ‘thank you’ message to the mayor and members of this committee would again be appropriate.
ALL are encouraged to attend the FULL BOARD MEETING: APRIL 17, CITY HALL, 7:45 PM
It should be a fine occassion to celebrate the beginning of better days at Crystal Lake!

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