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Posted on Saturday 23 February 2008

PLEASE NOTE: This illustration is but one version of a possible design, based on available information, a reasonably high degree of familiarity with the site, and a set of objectives culled from Citizen comment and the designer’s experience. The final form of this Park will be the result of a more comprehensive and collaborative public process that will likely be done in phases according to community priorities and available resources. This ‘vision’ is meant only to give citizens and elected officials a sense of the opportunity available to us… IF we choose to work together to make it happen.

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General information regarding this Sketch :

  1. The parking area and related paving shown is 25 to 30% LESS than present parking lot paving, and will not drain into the lake.
  2. The parking area is BELOW the street level and screened by landscaping to allow for unobstructed views to be maintained- BOTH into and out of the Park.
  3. The structures shown are quite small (more of residential scale)and include open pavilions for shade and cover from rain. In TOTAL they represent a 20% LESS area than the present bathhouse.
  4. ALL new green space is maintained as such; and it’s anticipated that the area around the ‘buildings’ would be naturally permeable materials to join more naturally with new open space and control run-off.

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