Our letter of support to CPC

Posted on Wednesday 26 September 2007

CPC Meeting tonight 7:00, City Hall

FYI: Final text of my letter to CPC (absent previous draft errors!)

Dear Ms. Jacobson & Members of the CPC Board:

It is my pleasure to address you to advocate for the City of Newton to acquire the property at 230 Lake Avenue. This lakefront property is the sole remaining parcel between the Levingston Park and the recently expanded open space at the old Gil Champagne Bathouse and water recreation facility.
We understand that this is a significant commitment of funding at a time when there are competing proposals from other parts of the Community that deserve consideration; And that it may see unfair to ask for more in the same place, and so soon. However, it would be short-sighted to prejudice this opportunity due to cooincidence; And the fact remains that this site also has unique natural qualities, and value that is incomparable in it’s location, attributes, and potential to provide for the daily use and occasional enjoyment of a significant number of citizens, young and old.
Already the waterfront and landscape improvements -made possible by the 20 Rogers Street acquistion- have delighted and impressed the many users of the swimming area, and citizens that walk, run, or ride along the existing small lakeside parks. They have noticed –from near and far- the beginning of a beautiful, more accomodating, relaxing, and inviting Park. What was formerly a constrained‚ dead-end site, and somewhat forgotten building -serving a couple of months of precious swimming access to the water- now glows with promise to become a better part of the landscape and a renewed recreation area avialable to all the citizens of Newton.
It is with this promise, and this potential, that the Mayor and concerned Aldermen have boldly moved to propose that we look again to invest our resouces -in this place- to forever preserve another 300 feet of lakefront and landscape for public enjoyment.
We urge you to approve the Community Preservation funding portion of the purchase of 230 Lake Avenue; And with this, allow the property to be preserved and joined with the neighboring parcels to form a complete West Cove Park at Crystal Lake.

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