“Complete the Cove” opportunity!

Posted on Thursday 7 June 2007

Now that the City has acquired 20 Rogers, and brought ‘stability’ to the cove- the owner of 230 Lake Ave. has decided to sell her property. This is the Spanish style home and property that is now between the existing cove Park land and the new property and presumed Park space behind the beach. The owner has previously expressed her support for the 20 Rogers acquisition; was very involved in the landscape restoration project at the Cove; and was interested in the prospect of her property one day forming a completion to the Cove park.

It’s unclear what the disposition of the City will be to the availability of another waterfront site, but it certainly should be considered as a natural way to ‘bridge’ the gap between the two public parcels and complete the cove park at Crystal Lake!
Let the Mayor and Aldermen know your thoughts about this Prospect.

Official consideration of this opportunity has been initiated by Alderman Parker, who asked the Community Preservation Committee -at their Wednesday, May 31 meeting- to appropriate sufficient funds from their administrative account to conduct an appraisal of 230 Lake Ave. The Community Preservation Committee unanimously approved this request.

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